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Student Employment:  Internships

The term "internship" refers to many kinds of positions in which students can learn about their fields of study in a workplace setting. These "real world" work experiences are temporary roles where students bridge their academic learning with practical application. Internships allow you to


  • Apply what you have learned in your academic courses and experiences
  • Gain more skills and competencies "on the job" at your internship
  • Explore more career choices based on what you have learned through your internship experience.


When can I participate in an internship?

How do I find an internship and when should I start looking for one?

There may be many places you can find an internship. Listed below are some resources.

  • The Hospitals in the native country of the graduate such as Indian Hospitals/ Hospitals in Mauritius /South Africa/ USA/U.K. etc. 
  • The Hospitals and institutions in your native country or elsewhere subject to no objections from the respective Medical Councils.
  • Talk to your professors.
Start the process of locating an internship early, at least few months before you are ready to begin Internship.

How can the SSR Medical College help?

In addition to offering different avenues to search for an internship, the Professors can help with career exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and internship search strategies

Most internship descriptions will give contact information for the hiring person and a method to apply. Most organizations will ask for a resume and/or an application to be submitted. You are responsible for applying directly to the organization and following up on your application.

How do I apply? How can I get credit for the internship? 

Speak to your department chair or academic adviser for guidance in this regard.
The 5 years MBBS course is followed by a cumpulsory rotating internship programme.

Some internships are paid and others are not paid. This depends on the hiring organization's program structure. Many times this is indicated in the internship description.

Make sure you get as many details as possible. This helps to understand what the expectations of the organization are and how they match your expectations for the experience. Some of these details can include hours and schedule, job duties and responsibilities, supervision and evaluation.

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