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The management of the SSR Medical College is fully aware of the challenges as well as opportunities of opening the first medical college in Mauritius. As such, the Chairman has laid down a policy of taking only the young, energetic and the best faculty with international exposure and profound academic experience.

The Principals of the SSR Medical College have been Dr.S.Shukla, / Dr. Namrata and Dr. A.P.Singh, who have teaching experience of more than 20 years and before taking up the assignment were in senior faculty positions in India viz. Addl. Principal of the Govt. Medical College, Kota, Rajasthan or Professors elsewhere.

The faculty of the college has been selected from teachers graduated and teaching at the most reputed institutions like Oxford, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, PGIs, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, JIPMER, Pondicherry, St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, University of Hong Kong and other reputed institutions. It speaks of the promise and prestige of the SSR Medical College that the reputed faculty from such institutions have applied and opted to work with us.

Faculty Application: 

The college invites applications to prepare a data bank of faculty for placement at the SSR Medical College, Mauritius. The present scale of pay of various grades (effective Jan.2023) is as follows: (Please Contact College office for updated Salary Scale/Structure).

Eligibility: (Degree+ Teaching Exp.): Asstt. Prof.: P.G. +1 yr ; Assoct Prof.: 5 years as Asstt. Prof ; Prof.: 4 yrs as Assoct. Prof.

Salary: The Salary figures mentioned are nearest equivalent to Gross Salary (before Income Tax aprox. @ 25% in India) and may vary depending on Exchange Rate fluctuation, which has been taken @ US$ 1= INRs 83=MRs 42). The Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) @MRs 10,000/- and Expatriate Allowance (EA) @MRs 10,000/*-  (wef. Jan.'23) and Bonus amount pro rata for a month has been included in calculation. However, Child Allowance @MRs 3,000/- per School going Child up to class 12, and HRA @10% has not been included in calculation.
Professor: IRs 2,30,000/-

(Basic Salary- MRs 75,000/+ NPA-MRs 10,000/- + EA-MRs 10,000/- Bonus Amt pro rata-MRs 6,500/- =Total- MRs. 1,01,500/-x 2= IRs. 2,03,000/- i.e. 
It is equal to about Gross salary in India @ IRS 2,30,000/- per month, as only then the net take home will be about IRs 2,03,000/- after Income Tax deduction of IRs 27,000/-).
Associate Professor: IRs 2,00,000/-

(Basic Salary- MRs 63,000/+ NPA-MRs 10,000/- + EA-MRs 10,000/- Bonus  Amt pro rata-MRs 5,500/- =Total- MRs 88,500/-x2= IRs 1,77,00/- i.e. 
It is equal to about Gross salary in India @ IRS 2,00,000/-  per month, as only then the nett will be about IRs 1,77,000/- after Income Tax deduction of IRs 23,000/-).
Asstt. Professor: IRs 1,60,000/-

(Basic Salary- MRs 47,000/+ NPA-MRs 10,000/- + EA- MRs 10,000/- Bonus Amt pro rata-MRs 4,000/- =Total- MRs 71,000/-x2= IRs 1,42,000/- i.e. 
It is equal to about Gross salary in India @ IRS 1,60,000/- per month, as only then the nett will be about IRs 1,42,000/- after Income Tax deduction of IRs 18,000/-).

The total Salary is tax free (for 2 years 1st Contract) for Indians under DTA with Mauritius as per current rules and fully repatriable .


The detail of allowances included in above salary are as follows:

  1. Non-practicing allowance per month: @ MRs 10,000/- 
  2. Expatriate allowance per month @ MRs 10,000/-* wef.Jan.'23.
  3. Child allowance for school going children (upto class 12th) of the faculty @ MRs 3,000/-per month (per child);
  4. Or any other allowance sanctioned by the administration for time to time.   The   present exchange rate is MRs 1 = IRs 2 (approx, which may fluctuate from time to time).
  5. Bonus: One month salary is given as Bonus at the completion of 1 year of SATISFACTORY and Good service.
  6. All the salary and allowances are Income tax free (for 2 years 1st Contract ) & fully repatriable (These rules are subject to change without any notice).
  7. One economy class return air ticket by the shortest route is given on completion of contract period.

Faculty Application Form: The applications for faculty position can be made electronically through the icon: Faculty Application Form at this website.

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