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The College:                                  

The SSR Medical College is situated in the heart of this paradise in the picturesque former tea estate at Belle Rive.It is spread over about 25 acres of tea garden land and is cris-crossed by two natural rivulets flowing through it.Teaching blocks,canteen and facilities are situated and planned in phases on the right flank of the rivulet where as residential blocks,auditorium,squash court and hostels are built & planned on the left flank of the rivulet.The ladies' and gentlemen's hostels are planned seperately though quite near to each other.

The Campus:                

The existing building housing the Pre-clinical and Para-clinical departments has a floor area of about 1,75,000 sq. ft. Each department has its separate seminar and demonstration rooms along with a museum as required by the various Medical Councils. The department of anatomy has a spacious dissection hall of 5000sq. ft. with all modern equipment and facilities for all the three types of dissection : real, virtual (Multimedia) and artificial (Dummies). All the departments are provided with charts, models, well planned museums and modern audio-visual educational aid & equipment, slide and multimedia projectors. In addition to the conventional lecture theaters, special darkroom type mini lecture theatres are provided for multimedia/computer assisted special audiovisual teaching supported by excellent clinical training facilities of International standards. The whole campus and the residences are covered by “Wi-Fi” connectivity. Prof. (Dr.) Paul O' Neil, Associate Dean, Medical Education, University of Manchester, UK on his inspection visit to the college  recorded "I have been very impressed with what I have seen".


To insulate the students from probable exogenous undesirable influences, all the overseas students are required to stay in the hostel & to be a member of the mess at the campus in the first year. Separate accommodation is provided for the Ladies & Gentlemen, with attached toilet and bath with running hot water facility. The students are provided with double sharing rooms. This has been done with a view to avoid loneliness, which a student encounters when he is away from home for the first time. The residents are provided access to telephone and e-mail facility at nominal cost to remain in touch with their family and friends. All the residences are covered by “Wi-Fi” connectivity and the student can use their compatible laptops from their rooms. Installation of an ATM at the campus is being explored.

 The college has on the campus canteen and mess facility to cater to the varied dietary requirements of variety of overseas students from about 14 countries.  The Mess charges are to be paid yearly in advance. A modest living excluding the room charges,  in the hostel would cost about US$ 75/100 per month. Cooking and use of electrical gadgets  in the hostel rooms is prohibited.

Free college transport is provided to ferry the students from the college to the hospitals and for recreational trip to market on Saturdays and pre-planned tours approved by the Principal, on holidays. A senior faculty member is in charge of every group of 15 students and can be contacted directly by the parents to inquire about the development of their ward. There are periodical reviews of the teacher-taught relationship at the highest level and the students have direct access to the Principal and the Chairman for their problem. So long as they fulfill their duties and obligations towards their studies, they will find the college a home away from home.

 The Cyber Library                                  

The well-stocked library is equipped with all recent books and current  journals. The Cyber Library of the SSR Medical College was inaugurated on 7th March 2000 by Hon. Smt. Vasundhara Raje,  Minister from India on the eve of the visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Shri. Atal Behari Vajpayee to Mauritius. Now there are 4 Cyber Libraries Catering to the needs of the senior students, junior students & faculty members separately. 50 independent terminals have been provided, which are connected, to the Internet and follow the open access system thus providing an added incentive & opportunity to the students. The library is kept open on all working days from 08:00 hrs to 16:00hrs. However, the reading rooms are open up to 22:00 hours.

A unique feature of the Cyber Library is its access to 247 global medical journals to keep the students abreast with the latest in the field of medical research and development which can be viewed through the links e-journal on our website The students are provided with facility to download and print the relevant material.  

The SSR Medical College follows the curriculum (MBBS/MD/MS) based on the latest guidelines laid down by the Medical Council of India incorporating certain features like information technology from the General Medical Council of UK. The BDS syllabus is also as per the DCI curriculum.

In keeping with time, a unique feature of the syllabus of the SSR Medical College is a module on Information Technology and communication skills. This module has been included in the MBBS 1st year curriculum along with the pre-clinical subjects so that a student of the SSR Medical College is fully conversant with modern information technology skills before entering into the para-clinical years and is capable of communicating with the medico-education world independently and is induced in the process of self-learning. In teaching, emphasis is more on "feel and facilitate" rather than on traditional method of "chalk and talk".

With a view to imbibe a sense of discipline, responsibility and uniformity, it has been decided that the students of the 1st year MBBS/ BDS must come to the college in uniform. Smoking and consuming alchohol are strictly prohibited on the campus and any student found indulging in such or any other activities unbecoming of a student would face disciplinary action, which may lead to expulsion also and the decision of the SSR Medical College authorities in this regard would be final.

Clinical Taining:   

It is essential for a Medical College to have a hospital attached to it for the clinical training of the students. The students of the SSR Medical College are provided clinical training in Jawahar Lal Nehru, SSR and Victoria and other specialty hospitals of the Government of Mauritius having more than 1000 beds with state-of-the art facilities. A firm commitment has already been obtained from the Ministry of Health, Government of Mauritius for the training of our students in these government hospitals. The existing facilities at these hospitals satisfy the training norms laid down by the Medical Councils. The clinicians of these hospitals are also involved in imparting clinical training to the students of the SSR Medical College under the supervision of the unit heads of the specialties. All these hospitals are equipped with instruments and equipment of the highest global standards and will give the right kind of exposure and training to the medical students of the SSR Medical College thus helping to produce doctors for the new millenium.

The SSR Medical College has its own state of the art Clinical Skills Lab (with all equipments imported from Japan), where students avail the advance clinical skills training under supervision of highly experience Faculty.


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